Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Who Dropped the Dime on Kayyem?

As you've probably seen, Juliette Kayyem is taking some heat.

The original story on this was about her husband, David Barron, and written by the estimable David Bernstein. His sourcing is oddly vague:

Gubernatorial candidate Juliette Kayyem has run into some trouble with Massachusetts Democrats over what some characterize as hawkish views on the use of tough measures in the cause of national security, her area of expertise.

Some trouble, over what some characterize. OK.

Now, that may be Bernstein finding a Massachusetts angle on this national story about Barron, but it also feels like a bit like another campaign going after Kayyem.

It would be irresponsible to speculate, so here goes.

It could be Martha Coakley's campaign, hoping to have the only woman candidate.

It could be Steve Grossman's campaign, hoping to be the only alternative to Coakley.

Or it could be Kayyem's campaign, throwing long to get her in the news, and giving her more of an identity on the trail. It could be the old "Humanize the candidate" strategy (that is, highlight a flaw rather than the impressive resume). If, however, the road to humanization is torture ... the irony is thick.

I know, I'm cynical. But there I am.


curious said...

Do the candidates have any preliminary campaign finance reports available for this election? Have a question concerning donations that I'm trying to resolve before finalizing my votes.

Jack Mitchell said...

The comment above is innocuous enough, but I am not tolerant of anonymous handles being used here.

I'll let the comment stand, if only to serve this Admin Note that comment authors need to be easily identifiable to our readers.

C R Krieger said...

Anon is at least as old as Ben Franklin in Boston, before he made it big in Philly.

Just saying.

Regards  — Cliff

Jack Mitchell said...

I know, Cliff.

But, things get too hectic in Lowell. Plus, I'd rather have comment traffic go to the Facebook page, where the odds of blog trolls are much less.

Ed Howe and Jim Bowen, aside.